Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 15 days before your travel date, you will receive a 100% refund or a credit for future travel (excluding airfare, reservation and administration fees).

If you cancel 3-14 days before your travel date, you will receive a 50% refund or a credit for future travel.

All sales are made within 72 hours of the  tour date. Management fees, airfare, transportation fees, guides, and accommodation fees are not refundable or transferable.

Route changes:

Sometimes political unrest in the  destination area, Wars, civil uprisings and strikes. In such cases, we will usually offer you another option or refund you for the affected part of your trip.

Cancellation policy required

Our tour cancellation policy is important to both Mesob Ethiopia Tours and ourourourourourourourour guests. We believe that our cancellation policy helps with resource management, staffing and logistics planning.

When you book a tour,  guides, vehicle owners, accommodations, etc. will block it from their calendars and reject requests from other travelers. If a tourist cancels a tour at the last minute, they will have no income. We believe in sustainable travel, and part of that is  the people who make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

For your customers, a cancellation policy provides transparency and helps you understand how to book. You will also be given the opportunity to cancel your reservation and receive a refund without penalty, even if the terms, fees or penalties associated with your plan change.

Expected events:

A predictable tour event is one that can be anticipated or predicted with a reasonable degree of certainty.

* Participant's illness or injury. * Severe weather conditions vary depending on the season.

* Change of plan.

* Flight delays or cancellations.

* Incorrect information such as hotel reservation, check-in date, etc. * The travel service date was sent incorrectly.

Unexpected Events:

If you are unable to participate in the tour due to unforeseen circumstances outside the scope of the tour, we will refund 100% of the tour price even within 15 days  from  the tour date.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

- Terrorist attacks or political unrest in the  destination area.

Wars, civil uprisings, strikes. Unusual local infectious diseases (excluding COVID)

- Travel bans or quarantines imposed by the government where the tour is taking place.

How to cancel a tour:

All tour cancellations must be initiated by emailing Mesob Ethiopia Tours.

We hope  you find our policies reasonable.

  Mesob Ethiopia Tours Payment Agreement. 

 This Tour and Travel agreement is for the purpose of outlining the payment terms and conditions for tour and travel services provided  the Mesob Ethiopia Tours. By making a payment, the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions: 

 1. Payment Method: The Customer shall make payments to the Company using one of the following methods: 

 a. Credit / Debit Card : The Company accepts major credit / debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, cash, etc .). 

 b. Bank Transfer: The customer may make payments through a bank transfer. The Company shall provide the necessary bank account details for such transfers. 

 2 . Payment Schedule: The Customer agrees to make payments according to the scheduled payment plan provided by the Company. 

 3. Transaction Fees: The Company charges transaction fees to cover the costs associated with payment processing. The Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay such transaction fees as follows: 

 a. Credit / Debit Card Fees: A transaction fee of [Percentage / Flat Fee] shall be added to the total payment amount for all credit / debit card transactions. 

 b. Bank Transfer Fees: The Customer shall bear any bank transfer fees incurred during the payment process. 

 4. Refunds and Cancellations: 

 a. Refunds: The Customer acknowledges that the Company may have refund policies in place, which shall be communicated to the Customer separately. Any applicable refund shall be processed after deducting the transaction fees. 

 b. Cancellations: In the event of tour or travel service cancellations initiated by the Customer, the refund amount, if applicable, shall be subject to the Company's cancellation policy. The transaction fees shall not be refunded. " read the cancelation policy on the website. 

 5. Invoice and Receipts: The Company may provide an invoice or receipt to the customer at the end of the tours for the payment made. For this, the customers have to make a request before the tour starts. 

 6. Disputes: In case of any dispute regarding payments or transaction fees, both parties agree to try to resolve the issue through negotiation and mutual agreement. 

 7. Amendments: This Agreement may be amended or modified only in writing. 

 The Customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions stated in this Tour and Travel Payment Agreement.