The Bale Mountains and The Rift Valley lakes

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 Remember to bring your sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hat. wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. If you take medicine late morning and during lunch time, bring it with you.  

 The Bale mountains tours & The Rift Valley Lakes

 The Bale Mountains, located in southeastern Ethiopia, offer a stunning and unique travel destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. The region is known for its diverse wildlife, including rare and endemic animals such as the Ethiopian wolf and the mountain Nyala. The Bale Mountains National Park provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the Afro-alpine moorlands, Harenna Forest, and Sanetti Plateau, offering breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled biodiversity.

During a tour of the Bale Mountains, visitors can enjoy activities such as trekking, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting.

Along your way to the ball mountain, you will visit some of the lakes in the rift valley, Ethiopia. Take a boat ride, swim in the lake and sleep nearby in resorts or lodges.

These tours typically include driving, lodging, camping and hiking, so you should be prepared for outdoor activities.

During your tour, you can expect to see a variety of wildlife and enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Bale Mountains and the Rift Valley Lakes. You may also have the opportunity to visit local villages and learn about the culture and traditions of the people who live in the area.

Duration: 6 Night and 7 Day  

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infants and children: friendly. Infants must sit on laps. Parents and guardians are responsible to look after their children.

Not wheelchair accessible

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 What is Included

 Round trip private Surface transport from Addis Ababa to Bale for all tours destination and bring you back to Addis Ababa, Parking fees, English speaker Tour Guide, Entry/ Admission fees photo fees, Accommodation with  breakfast, 

What is not included

Lunch and Dinner.

 Tips for tour guides, hotel, staff and drivers.

 Personal expenses & Medical Insurance. 

 Price starts

price varies by group size

1 Pax:- $2,981

2 Pax:- $ 3,791 or $1,896

4 pax:- $ 5,409 or $ 1,352 per person

The itinerary may be modified according to the date, flight schedule and your interest.

 What to expect

 General Itinerary

 Day, 1

Lake Langano

In the morning, after breakfast, head to Langano, beach resort of Sabana. Have lunch,  spend the afternoon relaxing by the lake or go for a swim.  Around 4pm, drive to  Abijatta Shalla National Park, a park known for its birdlife and beautiful scenery. Your driver will take you to the park to see the flamingos, pelicans, and other species of birds that inhabit there. After the visit, return to the resort for the night.

Day, 2

Harenna Forest in Dinsho park

Start your day early, after breakfast, and head to Dinsho, which is the headquarters of the Bale Mountains National Park. on your way have lunch at the local restaurant or the  packed lunch from the resort.  When you have arrived at the park, your guide will lead you to  explore the stunning Dinsho forest. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as the endemic mountain nyala, warthogs, and various bird species.

After exploring Dinsho, Drive to Goba. overnight Goba  Wabi Shebele Hotel . 


 Day, 3

Sanetti Plateau

 The Bale mountains of Ethiopia are home to the Sanetti Plateau. The landscape's colour scheme is green and white, featuring green vegetation and white cliffs and rock formations. In Africa, it is the largest area above 4,000 m above sea level. The plateau is well-known for its stunning landscapes, which encompass vast grasslands, heathlands, and African alpine heathlands. The area is home to a diverse range of birds, including ibis, falcons, and white-necked pigeons, as well as numerous rare and endemic species, such as the endangered Ethiopian Wolf.

Take a leisurely walk on the plateau, breathing in the fresh mountain air and enjoying the serenity of the surroundings.

Enjoy the breathtaking views while eating a packed lunch on the Sanitti plateau of Mount Tulu Dimtu.

 Day 4

Mountain climbing & Waterfall 

The Bale Mountains are known for their waterfalls

In the morning, after breakfast with your guide, head to climb one of the Bale Mountains. While you are trekking, you may spot wildlife such as monkeys,  warthogs and various bird species. After two hours of trekking and climbing, return to the lodge, have lunch, pack your belongings, and drive to Goba. On your way, visit one of the waterfalls located in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia. This waterfall is surrounded by lush green landscape and forest. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to the captivating sight created by the gushing streams. The calm atmosphere and sound of flowing water create a breathtaking sight. Bali Mountains Falls will leave a lasting impression, whether you're a nature lover or looking for a quiet getaway. Staying overnight in Goba.


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